Consultation service

for landscape designers

the landscape shop

  • knowledgeable staff, who can demonstrate how technical items, such as irrigation systems, water features and garden lights work
  • a large-screen projector system, which can be set up to show images from gardenlink’s database or from a designer’s chosen plans, drawings or images
  • browsing and consultation services that are free of charge and with no contractual obligation

Make your design a reality before work even begins!

As we all know, a beautiful garden begins with a good design. Some clients, however, need help imagining how the elements of a design combine to create a completed garden. With this in mind, the established landscape company gardenlink is pleased to offer a unique consultation venue and landscape ‘sample shop’ at our Project House offices in South Nutfield, Surrey.

This consultation service provides:

  • an excellent pre-design browsing venue for designers to discuss their plans and ideas with gardenlink’s landscape experts
  • a showcase for designers to explain their ideas to clients with the benefit of on-site samples
  • an opportunity for clients and designers to see, touch and even view in action the elements of a design before work even begins

On Display: Paving   |   Gravels   |   Handmade timber furniture   |   Lighting   |   Bespoke planters   |   Bespoke trellis   |   Water features   |   Scaled garden models   |   Large screen projector   |   Brochure library

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